• This link is for the LIVE-STREAM. IT CAN ONLY BE VIEWED "LIVE" AS THE EVENT IS HAPPENING. It will not be replayed at a later date. You can only watch it while it is LIVE.
  • Do not try to login to the website. If you sign up before the event, when you return CLICK THIS LINK AGAIN.  You must login through the paywall. Once you login the stream will open.
  • Only one (1) viewer is allowed for each email login on the paywall, however you may use the link any time during the event.
  • When you click this link it will take you to a separate 3rd party paywall to sign up and pay for the event.
  • If you see a stationary screen but you hear noise - you are on the Live Stream (just probably on a break)
  • If our connection drops, we will do everything in our power to get it going again as quickly as possible. Please understand this is out of our control, but let us know if there is an issue.

If you have any issue during the live-stream broadcast please refresh your browser.  If the issue persists, please send a text and a screenshot to (228) 990-0572.

DO NOT send an email to support@cavideopro or call our main number as I will be filming and unable to get to your needs until after the event.


Upcoming Events 

2024 Mississippi Lions All-State Band

Jazz Band Concert - Sunday June 16th @ TBA (Approx 8-9pm)
Final Concert - Monday June 17th @ 6:30pm